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Artist: Amy Lee
I sense there's s[Dm]omething in the w[D#]ind
That f[D#]eels like t[A]ragedy's at h[Dm]and
And t[Dm]hough I'd l[D#]ike to stand by him
Can't s[D#]hake this f[A]eeling that I h[Dm]ave
The w[Dm]orst is j[D#]ust around the bend

And does he n[Gm]ot [Dm]ice [A]my feelings f[Dm]or him?
[D#]And will he s[Dm]ee how m[A]uch he means to m[Dm]e?
I t[A]hink it's not to b[Dm]e

What w[Dm]ill bec[D#]ome of my dear friend?
Where w[D#]ill his a[A]ctions lead us t[Dm]hen?
Al[Dm]though I'd l[D#]ike to join the crowd
In t[D#]heir ent[A]husiastic c[Dm]loud
Try a[Dm]s I m[D#]ay, it doesn't last

And will we e[Gm]ve [Dm]r [A]end up to[Dm]gether?

Solo:[Dm] [Dm] [C] [A] ×2

And will we e[Dm]ver [A]end up tog[Dm]ether?
[D#]No, I think n[Dm]ot, it's n[A]ever to be[Dm]come
For [A]I am not the o[Dm]ne
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