Sailboats chords

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We're[G] adrift on a sailboat
My lo[Em]ve is [C]the s[G]ea
Yours[G] is the horizon
Const[Em]ant an[C]d stea[G]dy

You [D]set my limbs[C] locked hard[G] afloat [D]
Lift[D]ed my loneso[C]me sails [D]
The [C]tide is out,[G] the moon is h[C]igh [D]
We'r[C]e sailing [D] [G]
Darli[G]ng, your love is healing
It ma[Em]kes th[C]e bit[G]ter sweet
Warms[G] the winter to spring again
Secur[Em]es the[C] cold[G]s defeat
We're[D] cutting an[C]chor
Cast[G]ing ou[D]t into[C] the glo[G]rious deep[D]
The t[C]ide is[G] out, [D]the moo[G]n is high
We're s[C]ailing [G] [D]

BRIDGE: [C] [Em]
Whe[Em]n we've su[C]ccumb to decr[D]epitude
Sti[Em]ll our love will remain in it[C]s yo[G]uth [D] [G]
The[C] tide [G]is out, [D]the moon is[G] high
We'[C]re sailing
We'[G]re sailing
We'[D]re sailing
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