Sail Away chords

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CAPO on the 4th

[Am]Sail away with me honey
[Em]I put my heart in your hands
[Am]Sail away with me honey[C] now, [G]now, now
[Am]Sail away with me
[C]What will be wil[F]l be
I wanna hold you n[G]ow


[C]Crazy skies all wild[Em] above me now
[C]Winter howling at my [Em]face
[C]And everything I held s[Em]o dear
[F]Disappeared without a [G]trace
[C]Oh all the times I've[Em] tasted love
[C]Never knew quite what i h[Am]ad
[C]Little Darling if you [Em]hear me now
[F]Never needed you so [G]bad
[F]Spinning round inside my [G]head


[C]I've been talking d[Em]runken gribberish
[C]Falling in and out o[Em]f bars
[C]Trying to find some [Em]explanation here
[C]For the way some peo[Em]ple are
[F]How did it ever come[G] so far?

<Chorus> 2X

[C]I wanna[G] hold you n[Am]ow, now, now
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