Safe With Me chords

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[Am]Picturing your white dress
[F]Waiting for this day to [C]come for you[G]
I've been se[Am]arching my whole life
[F]Now I've found the one a[C]nd it's true[G]
From the fir[F]st spark
My whol[G]e heart was yours for the[Am] keeping [G]
And I kn[F]ow the dark's not too[G] far but
I'll [Am]be the light you n[G]eed
You're s[F]afe[C] with me[G]
By your side I'l[F]l ne[C]ver [G]leave
[F]Let me be your e[C]yes and you [Am]will alway[G]s be
[F]Safe[C] with m[G]e
[Am]Standing at your side so per[F]fectly your hand in mine[C]
[G]I love the way you sm[Am]ile back at me I've neve[F]r felt so comp[C]lete
And I'm [G]sure when the ea[F]rth quakes
It will [C]try to break the[Am] years that we h[G]old dear
So let's[F] show them how we keep t[G]hese vows
And danc[Am]e over every fea[G]r

Chorus (same as last) and Bridge (same progression as Chorus
[F]Trust in me
You will[G] always be my ev[F]erything
Baby you[G] will see

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