Safe As Houses chords

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[G]You wake up singing, Rabbit, rabbit
[Em]I sing the same song, I k[Bm]now where it comes from
[G]It's getting clearer through the static, static
[Em]Tender to the lightbulb, t[Bm]ied to a new clause

[Am]I know 'cause it comes e[C]asy to you

I tried to co[G]mpromise where our b[Bm]odies start
And n[Em]ow I can't tell the t[D]wo of us ap[C]art
And every di[G]rty thought and sm[Bm]oky cough
Spills o[Em]ver our tee[D]th and out my mo[C]uth

[D] [G]
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