Running To Stand Still chords

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Artist: Braddigan
Intro: [D] [G]

[D]So she woke up
Woke up from where she was [G]
Lying still
[D]Saying i gotta do something about where were going [G]
[D]Stepped on a steam train
[G]Out of the driving rain baby
[D]Run from the darkness in my mind- whoah yeah


[A]Ah la la la light n day [G]
[A]Ah la la light of day a la light of day [G]

Break: [D] [G]

[D]Sweet the sin bitter tast
[G]In my mouth
I see 7 towers
But i only see 1 way [G]out
[D]You gotta cry with out weeping
[D]Talk without speaking
[G]Scream without raising your voice
[D]You know i took the poisin
[D]From the poisin stream
[G]And I floated out of here


[A]Ah la la la light n day[G]
[A]Ah la la light n day a la light n day [G]

[D]Woooo oooo ooo[G]o ooo [D] [G]


[D]She runs through the streets
[D]Her eyes painted red
[G]Under black belly cloud in the rain
[D]In through doorway
[G]She brings me those white golden peals
Stolen from the sea
[D]She is raging, she is raging
And the storm blows[G] up in her eye
[D]She will suffer the needle chill [G]
[D]Shes running to stand still [G]

Break: [D] [G]

[D]Im still running, im still runnin[G]g
[D]Im still runnin[G]g all the way home
[D]Im still running, im still running
[G]Im still running all the way home
[D]Home Home [G] Home Home[D] [G]
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