Race chords

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(One, two, three, okay)
[E]You're walkin' on [C#m]hot coals [B]now, you [A]fuck
'Cause you're a [E]joke, yeah, you're a [C#m]hoax and now I [B]found you out [A]
[E]'Cause you think the [C#m]brains in your [B]head are [A]worth
Breathing this [E]smoke and itchy [C#m]throats and being [B]happy [A]
[E]And I could [C#m]be your [B]man all d[A]ay
And you could [E]look inside my [C#m]brain and see this [B]one thing [A]
[E]But then it [C#m]disapp[B]ears like s[A]moke and you're [E]alone[C#m] [B] [A]

[A] [D] [G]
[C] [A]

(One, two, three, okay)

[E]You're starting [C#m]to look [B]really [A]weird, oh, yeah
Your [E]face is out of [C#m]place and I can't [B]make you out [A]
[E]And I for[C#m]get just [B]what you [A]said
Yeah, it's not [E]clear, it was about [C#m]fear and getting [B]out of here [A]

[A] [D] [G]

[G]But you're okay with me

[C] [A]
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