Only Way Out chords

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Artist: Vin Bogart
[Ebm] [Gb] [Bbm] [Ab] x2

[Ebm]throughout my whole l[Gb]ife
I'm di[Bbm]ggin deeper and deeper [Ab]

and all I see is I'm a fake
and[Ebm] all I know "[G]I"
I got my [Bbm]soul on fire
[Ab]baby what you wanna do
and I [Ebm]don't know about [Gb]nothing
I got my l[Bbm]iveliness cho[Ab]pping all day
baby w[Ebm]hat you wanna d[Gb]o now
now that you love her[Bbm] [Ab]

*that's my only way out*

[Ebm] [Gb] [Bbm] [Ab] x4

she said [Ebm]ooh [Gb]my baby now

[Bbm]won't you j[A]ust look around[Ebm]
[Gb]tell them what they're living [Bbm]for (*fo[Ab]r love yeah*)
sta[Ebm]rted learning the v[Gb]ows
ain't got [Bbm]time for my w[Ab]ays now
[Ebm]that's wh[Gb]en I knew that I'm...
[Bbm]*gonna give her my s[Ab]oul*

[Ebm] [Gb] [Bbm] [Ab] x4
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