Nobody's Child chords

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Artist: Karen Young
[C]As I was slowly passing [F]an orphan's home one day
And[C] stopped there for a moment [D7]just to watch the children [G7]play
A [C]lonely boy was standing and [F]when I asked him why
He [C]turned with eyes that could not see and [G7]he began to [C]cry

I'm nobody's child I’[C7]m nobody'[F]s child
[G7]I’m like a flower just growin[C]g wild
No mommy’s kisses n[C7]o daddy'[F]s smile
[G7]Nobody wants me I'm nobody's [C]child

People come for children and [F]take them for their own
But [C]they all seem to pass me by [D7]and leave me all [G7]alone
I [C]know they'd like to take me but [F]when they see I'm blind
They [C]always take some other child and I [G7]am left [C]behind

No mommy’s arms to hold me o[F]r sooth me when I cry
Some[C]times it gets so lonely here [D7]I wish that I could [G7]die
I’[C]d walk the streets of heave[F]n where all the blind can see
And [C]just like all the other kids there’[G7]d be a home f[C]or me

Next two verses are spoken:

[C]I just can’t seem to figure out
[F]Why the folks all pass me by
[C]Cause I know that it’s true that God takes
[D7]Little blind children with Him in the [G7]sky

And [C]they tell me I’m so pretty
And [F]they seem to like my big curls of gold
But [C]then they take some other little child
And I’[G7]m left here a[C]ll alone

Repeat #2
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