Nada Sousou chords

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[F] [C] [Dm] [Am] [Bb] [F] [C] [F]

[F]As I l[C]eaf t[Dm]hrough [Am]the photos and memories
[Bb]I can't[F] help [Bb]but to whi[C]sper a "Thank You"
[F]Time af[C]ter tim[Dm]e you are [Am]still in my heart
[Bb]How can[F] you a[C]lways keep m[F]e strong

Come ra[F]iny d[C]ays or[Dm] perfect s[Am]unny ones
[Bb]You are[F] the on[Bb]e I'[C]m thinking of
[F]Fading a[C]way I'[Dm]ll alw[Am]ays look for you
[Bb]Rememb[F]eri[Bb]ng the l[F]ittle things
[Bb]On a da[F]y like this
[C]Tears fal[F]l down

[F]Saying[C] a praye[Dm]r to t[Am]he brightest star
[Bb]So many t[F]imes its be[Bb]come a ritu[C]al
[F]Looking[C] up at [Dm]the ev[Am]ening sky
[Bb]I will se[F]arch fo[C]r you wi[F]th all my heart

Through[F] lonel[C]y night[Dm]s and th[Am]e joyous times
[Bb]Your s[F]mile is[Bb] wha[C]t I'm thinking of
And if[F] from [C]where yo[Dm]u are yo[Am]u see me too
[Bb]I will[F] believe
[Bb]that maybe [F]
[Bb]you an[F]d me
w[C]ill fina[F]lly meet again


Come r[F]ainy [C]days or[Dm] perfect [Am]sunny ones
Y[Bb]ou are t[F]he one[Bb] I'm[C] thinking of
Fadi[F]ng [C]away I[Dm]'ll al[Am]ways look for you
[Bb]Rememberin[F]g t[Bb]he little[F] things
[Bb]On a day[F] like this
[C]Tears fall[F] down

[Bb]Still m[F]issing you
[Bb]Still m[F]issing you
J[Bb]oy is th[F]inking of you
[C]Tears fall[F] down
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