Inspiration chords

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[A9] [E] [D9]

[A9]I feel like I?m standin? on a m[E]ountaintop
Baby when I h[D9]old your hand
Well that?s w[D9]here I am
[A9]This feelin? rises up in[E]side of me
Oh it?s like a g[D9]entle wind
Breathin? life into [D9]me again
[F#m]Whatever I thought I ever w[E]anted before
When I l[D9]ook in your eyes, you make me believe that
F#m (two strums) E (two strums)
There?s just so much more

[A]Baby you?re my inspiration
[E]You lift me to a higher place
You?re the [F#m]one sweet dream
I can k[D9]eep my faith in
[A]You?re the light that shines in me
[E]My hopes my destiny
Oh you?ll a[F#m]lways be my i[D9]nspiration

[A9]Sometimes when I look at you thoughts start f[E]illin? my head
It's like a melody that c[D9]omes along
And I?m singin? it [D9]all day long
[A9]Just seein? you smile brings out the b[E]est in me
When I?ve gone as far as [D9]I can go
You stir something down d[D9]eep in my soul
[F#m]Nothin? else on earth can make me f[E]eel like you
Oh with [D9]you in my life I've got a reason
F#m (two strums) E (two strums)
For everything that I do
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