Freedom chords

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[Bm] [G] [D] [A] x2


You cannot [Bm]build your own house for that you'll need a license
That will cost you[G] money ridiculous prices
You have the [D]choice to rent or buy
But they made the [F#]prices extremely high
So now you need to [Bm]work 8 hours a day
To cover for the [G]bills which you have to pay

The companies own[D] your primary needs
If you lose your [F#]job you'll be out on the streets

Bm |
People talking about freedom |
G | 2X
People talking about freedom |
[D] [F#] |
People talking about bullshit they know nothing about |

You'll get [Bm]rewarded for succes and punished if you fail
The rich can pay a[G] fine the others go to jail
Freedom is th[D]ere for those who are rich
but if you're not [F#]you're society's bitch
And than you have t[Bm]o work until you're fucking dead
Just because you [G]need a roof above your head


Some people[Bm] put there trust and hope in politicians
Who hunger for pow[G]er and look for recognition
Egos go high [D]talents go low
It's time to face [F#]what we already know
You're married to y[Bm]ou work when death do us part
You want to divor[G]ce but you'll be back at fucking start
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