Flesh And Blood chords

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Satirical [Em]murders, driverless [G]cars
take this [C/G]test find who you [D]are
sex in [Em]public, death on T[G]V
buy the [C/G]package and you'll be[D]lieve
in corporate [Em]porn, you have no [G]choice
it's not [C/G]Ibsen, it's not [D]Joyce
just say [Em]no, it's a [G]crime
until you [C/G]say yes every [D]time

And [C/G]she said all my [Em]love for her
is just [D]when atoms [C/G]collide
like a [C/G]map of London [Em]spilt from milk
that [D]replicates the [C/G]tide

Cash for [Em]access, hostage [G]fears
freedom of [C/G]speech, speechless [D]tears
industrial [Em]meltdown, online [G]dates
eastern [C/G]girls in cargo [D]freights
important [Em]lies, jhadi [G]brides
royal [C/G]bloodlines, rising [D]tides
US [Em]drones, the markets [G]crash
soulles [C/G]clones, islands of [D]trash

And [C/G]I still only [Em]love one girl
and that's as [D]stupid as it [C/G]seems
because [C/G]people die or [Em]they move on
and she has [D]nothing that I [C/G]need

Suburban [Em]schooling have your [G]say
they'll teach you [C/G]different, if you [D]pay
I know that [Em]we are all born [G]equal
but that [C/G]changes right [D]away
I can't speak [Em]Latin, won't sit up [G]straight
I wish they'd [C/G]told me it's too [D]late
I may[Em]be would have had [G]ideas
but no one [C/G]has asked me for [D]years

Because [C/G]unlike a [Em]few, who knew
that their [D]life was always [C/G]free
I was [C/G]put in, I was [Em]spat out
consuming [D]nightmares on [C/G]TV

Driving too [Em]fast, high school [G]crush
big i[C/G]deas ground down to [D]dust
I'm not [Em]listening, what do you [G]mean
every[C/G]one has AD[D]D
ban Re[Em]ligion, it causes [G]war
except for [C/G]most, and the biggest [D]four
I care too [Em]much, don't care e[G]nough
I can't [C/G]change now, change is [D]tough

[C/G]All I ever really [Em]wanted back when [D]I was seven[C/G]teen
was a [C/G]few things I feel [Em]guilty for, how [D]pointless they now [C/G]seem
[C/G]all I ever really [Em]wanted, all I [D]ever thought was [C/G]true
was the [C/G]flesh and blood and [Em]skin and bone
that's [D]wrapped around what's [C/G]you
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