Final Prayer chords

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Artist: Aliceband

[D]If this is going to work, I need to confess my [Bm]sins,
Merciful father accept these [G]prayers for the sake of my s[A]oul,
I [D]eat a lot of [Bm]crap, and I [G]talk a lot [A]about
This [Bm]world I cannot [G]live upo[A]n, and I [Bm]wish I could e[G]nd it a[A]ll.

[D]Lord lift up my heart, and [Bm]cut it open with your mind,
[G]Let me not think about my [A]selfishness anymore,
[D]I dream a l[Bm]ot of dirty [G]things and dirty [A]men, and dirty [Bm]words and wake up [G]screaming sweats and [A]all,
And [Bm]sleep again as [G]nothing’s [A]wrong.

[D]Lord I am not worthy, not [Bm]worthy to receive you,
But [G]only say the words and I[A] shall be healed,
[D]If healed [Bm]means I’ll [G]never love another [A]man, I’ll [Bm]never [G]be a mothe[A]r,
And my [Bm]future wasn’t[G] ever p[A]lanned,
And I [Bm]will never [G]hold his [A]hand,
[Bm]I will never [G]keep a [A]job,
[Bm]I can never [G]keep this[A] up,
[A]This is my final prayer for [Bm]luck.

[D]Let light perpetual,
[F#m]Shine down upon your soul,
[G]And keep you safe and warm, in [Bm/A]all you do, y[A]eah.
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