Far Away chords

Transpose 0
[Em]/9 022002
[G]* 355433

[Em]Far away
[G]* [Em] -Em/9- [Em]
In some lovely way I hear your call

[C]Whatever happened to them all [G]
[C]Whatever happened to us all [G]

[Em] [G]* [Em] -Em/9- [Em]
I know that We've never met before
But that was then And now I need you more

[C]Is someone here keeping the score [G]
[C]Is there only dying at your door [G]
[Am]Taking me down off this cross
L[D]ay me down, down, down in the dust [Em]

[G]* [Em] -
- [Em]
Whoa, love, take my hand across the crowd
[C]I have been digging underground [G]
[C]What'er remains is yet to be found [G]
[Am]I have no children
[D]I have no husband
[Am]I have no reason To be alive O[D]h, give me one
[C]Green grass blades are all on fire [G]
I own the crack that's in the wind [C]
From your window I see bars & the bird[Am]s

They sing and they sing and they sing
and[Em] the dogs they bark[G] And they bark, and they baaaaaarrrrkkkk

[C]Whatever happened to them all [G]
[C]Whatever happened to us all [G]

[Am]Annie had two young baby boys
[D]And Jimi went crazy, crazy, crazy late last fall [Em]
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