Eskimo chords

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I'm the o[D]nly gay Eskimo, [A] I'm the on[Bm]ly one I know[G] ,

I'm the o[D]nly gay Eskimo[A] in my [Bm]tribe [G]

** Verse 1 **

I [D]go out seal hunting with my [A]best friend Tarka (Tarqa?)

But all [Bm]I wanna do is to get in[G]to his parka (add 2nd line of Chorus)

** Verse 2 **

Well [D]me and Ukflukchukbuk (Uqfluqchuqbuq?) we [A]both like blubber

But [Bm]me I've got this crazy f[G]etish for rubber (add 2nd line of Chorus)

** Verse 3 **

[D]I make a wish on th[A]e northern lights

That [Bm]I could find a decent pair of [G]whaleskin tights

I'm the o[D]nly gay Eskimo[A] in my [Bm]tribe (And the[G] seals they sing now)

** Bridge **

[D] [A] [Bm] [G]

These [Bm]cold winter nights are t[G]aking their toll

I [Em]even get exited when I see t[A]he North Pole Se[A7]e the North Pole ...

** Coda **

I'm th[D]e only gay Esk[A]imo (only gay Eskimo)

I'm the[Bm] only one I k[G]now (I'm the only one I know)

I'm[D] the only ga[A]y Eskimo ... in my[Bm] tribe
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