Enough For You chords

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Artist: Dan Layus
Capo 2

When I gro[Am]w up I want to[G] feel like somebody [C]else
I [F]feel like nothing's chan[G]ged
Go[F]t a couple more lines on[G] my face
A [F]few bad habits repl[G]aced
Th[F]e songs I write don't ever sou[Am]nd the wa[G]y that I wa[C]nt
An[F]d I feel like I'm a [G]joke
I [F]wish I was cool like the [G]stones
Bu[F]t there's no direction [G]home

But I'm yo[Am]ur bab[G]y [C]
You're my [Am]babaaa[G]y t[C]oo
That's enou[Am]gh as lon[G]g as
[Am]I am enough[G] for yo[C]u (X2)
[F]Might sound strange but I [Am]feel like a [G]man on a clou[C]d
It's [F]kind of hard to find a pa[G]rallel
You [F]could have chosen anybody[G] else
I l[F]ove you more than life i[G]tself
Yo[F]u and me may never trul[Am]y understa[G]nd who we [C]are
B[F]ut honey i dot really care[G]
I[F] feel like I'm walking on[G] air
I[F]ll follow you anywh[G]ere

(chorus) x2
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