Englishman In New York chords

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Artist: Bamboo
I take it ev[A]erywhere [Bm7]I walk
I'm En[G]glishman [A]In N[Bm7]ew York

O[G]h-woh, I'm an a[A]lien
[Bm7]I'm a legal alien
I'm [G]an Engl[A]ishman in New [Bm7]York

[G]If "mann[A]ers maketh man&q[Bm7]uot; as[G] someone said
[A] [Bm7] -[G]
Then he's the hero of the day
It takes a[A] man to suffer ig[Bm7]norance and smile
[G]Be yourself no[A] matter what they [Bm7]say

(repeat refrain)

[G]Modesty, propriety our l[A]ead to potoriety
[Bm7]You could end up as the only [F#]one
[G]Gentleness, sobriety, b[A]lame it on society
[F#]At night a candle brighter than the [Bm7]sun


[G] -[A] -[Bm]
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