Endlessly chords

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Artist: Brook Benton
INTRO: [F] [Bb] [F] [C] [F]

[C]Higher than the [Bb]highest [F]mountain and deeper
than the [Bb]deepest [F]sea.
[Bb]That's how [Bbm]I [Fm]will [F]love you[Dm] ...[Bbm] ....oh, [F]darling,

[F]Softer than the [Bb]gentle [F]breezes and stronger than
the [Bb]wild Oak [F]tree.
[Bb]That's how [Gm]I will [Db]hold [F]you.[Dm] ...[Bbm] ...oh, [F]darling,

[Bb]Oh, my love, you are my [F]Heaven..[C]you are my [Bb]kingdom,
[C]you are my [F]crown.
[Bb]Oh, my love, [Dm]you're all that I [Dm7]prayed for..you were
[Bb]made for these [G]arms to sur[C]round.

[F]Faithful as a [Bb]morning [F]sunrise and sacred [Bb]as a love can [F]be.
[Bb]That's how [Db]I will [F]love [Dm]you..oh, [Bb]darling, [Gm]end[Bb]less[F]ly.

[Bb]Darling, endless[F]ly..[Bb]darling, endless[F]ly..(Fade.)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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