Endless Entertainment chords

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Artist: Bright Eyes
Capo: 2nd Fret

Intro: [C] ,[C] ,[F] ,[Am] x2
[G] ,[F]

My ser[C]atonin's rationed, I'm coughing, I k[Am]ind of caught the blues
But you w[G]on't catch me complaining to the s[F]uper or the moon
Cause the ca[C]rrot's gonna dangle till the di[Am]amond is appraised
And all that t[G]alk made me feel rich baby so tell me w[F]ho is gonna p[G]ay

For braces to m[C]ake straight, all that Co[G]lgate, keep my wh[F]ite tooth innocence
My smile's in s[C]ad shape, all the d[G]ead weight I got ti[F]red of carrying
And it's got me lo[Am]oking for a friend, or a cr[F]utch I can de[G]pend on

[C] ,[C] ,[F] ,[Am] x2

Well there's en[C]dless entertainment and thinking the w[Am]orld is gonna end
And I l[G]ive some nights convinced of it, but I keep wa[F]king up again
With my g[C]irl wrapped round my body, and a t[Am]owel wrapped round my head
She says "Y[G]ou passed out in the bathtub, angel,[F] I thought that you w[G]ere dead"

Don't d[F]ie on me, don't tr[G]ead on me
My l[Am]ove, my love, is n[G]ot the en[F]emy
And you don't h[F]ave to be, no one's bio[G]graphy
Oh they t[Am]ry to write you do[G]wn, and hope you [F]go crazy

So d[Am]on't, no d[F]on't

Don't fall for that Ch[C]rist bait, it's about as pa[G]sse as ro[F]ckstar arrogance
Tomorrow's a n[C]ew day, but it's that s[G]ame face and yo[F]u'll be wearing it
Now you don't h[Am]ave to be content, but you d[F]o have to get o[G]n with it

[C] ,[C] ,[F] ,[Am] x4
[G] ,[F]
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