Ender Will Save Us All chords

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[D] It's just like you to con[A]test
you wear it like a label on your [C]breast
don't you see what this takes of [G]me'
[D] A certain callousness comp[A]lies
with your charm & in y[C]our pride
a hopeful look draped in d[G]espise.
[D] [D] I want to give you
[A] [A] whatever you need.
[C] [C] What is it you need'
[G] [G] Is it what I need'
[D] [D] I want to give you
[A] [A] whatever you need.
[C] [C] What is is you need'
[G] [G] Is it within me'

[D] It's hard to [A]explain how I am [C]getting by
on [G]so little from [D]you.
[D]It's hard to [A]believe that I would [C]let myself
get [G]so wrapped in [D]you.
[D]There's got to be [A]something that would
[C]be worthwhile for [G]me to give to [D]you.
[D]We need a con[A]nection but you
[C]seem to push me [G]far away from [D]you.

(sorry I don't know the next part. Here are the words though. Your going to have
to listen to the CD/tape to get the rest. Sorry again)

The harder I push the further I fall.

Well you don't mind me being headstrong.

But you don't want to sing along.

Maybe it's trite but I can always be wrong

Try not to be wrong.

(Thanks for your time...Enjoy the song...Sorry about the last part)
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