End Of The World chords

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Artist: Blackfield
Intro : [Am] - [Em] (x2)


[Am]Don't you forget what I've told you
[G]So many [Am]years

[Dm]We are hopeless and slaves to our [Am]fears
[Em]We're an accident called human [G]beings


[Am]Don't be angry for loving the baby
[G]And say it's [Am]unreal

[Dm]So many lives turned to [Am]salt
[Em]Like roses who're hiding their [G]thorns

[Am] - [Em] (x2)


[C]It's the end of the world
[G]The end of the [Am]world
[Dm]It's a prison for dreams and for [F]hopes
[Dm]And still we believe there is [F]God
[C]It's the end of the world
[G]The end of the [Am]world
[Dm]We're dead but pretend we're [F]alive
[Dm]Full of ignorance, fools in [F]disguise

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