End Of The Innocence chords

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Artist: Don Henley
[G]Remember when the days were long
and roll[C]ed beneath a deep blue sky
[G]Didn't have a care in the world
With mommy[C] and daddy [D]standing by
But ha[G]ppily ever after fails
and we've been poisoned[C] by these fairy tales
The la[G]wyers dwell on small details
Since dadd[Em]y had t[C]o fly [D]
Ah but I k[Em7]now a plac[Bm7]e where we can[Am7] go
[Em7]That's still u[Cmaj7]ntouched by ma[D]n
[Em7]We'll sit and w[Bm7]atch the clou[Am7]ds go by
and the tal[Em7]l grass wav[Cmaj7]e in the wind [D]
you can lay [G]your head ba[D]ck on the grou[C]nd
An[Em7]d let your [Bm7]hair fall[Am7] all around me
[G]Offer u[D]p your bes[C]t defense
But th[Em7]is is the e[Bm7]nd, [Am7] [Cmaj7] This is [D]the end
Of the Inno[G]cence

Repeat Intro

[G]Oh beautiful for spacious skies
[C]But now those skies are threatening
[G]They're beating plowshares into swords
[C]For this tired old man that [D]we elected king

[G]Armchair warriors often fail
And we've been [C]poisoned by these fairytales
[G]The lawyers clean up all details
Since [Em]daddy [C]had to [D]lie
But I [Em7]know a pla[Bm7]ce where we ca[Am7]n go
[Em7]And was[Cmaj7]h away the sin[D]
We'll [Em7]sit and watch t[Bm7]he clouds go [Am7]by
And the [Em7]tall grass [Cmaj7]wave in the wi[D]nd
You can [G]lay your hea[D]d back on the [C]ground
L[Em7]et your [Bm7]hair fall [Am7]all around me
Offer [G]up your[D] best defe[C]nse
[Em7]But this is[Bm7] the end, [Am7] T[Cmaj7]his is the e[D]nd
Of the I[G]nnocence

[G]Who knows how long this will last
[C]Or how we've come so far so fast
[G]But somewhere back there in the dust
[C]That same small town in [D]each of us
[G]I need to remember this
[C]So baby give me just one kiss
[G]And let me take a long last look
[C]Before we say [D]goodbye
Just [G]lay your h[D]ead back [C]on the ground
And l[Em7]et your [Bm7]hair fall [Am7]all around me
[G]Offer u[D]p your b[C]est defense
[Em7]But this is the[Bm7] end, [Am7] T[Cmaj7]his is the e[D]nd
of the [G]Innocence

Repeat intro.
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