End Of The Day chords

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[G] [C] [G] [C]

[G]I used to lead a life of, [C]reckless a[G]bandon,
I'd [G]walk, with my [D]head held [C]high.
[G]I used to be, the [C]last man [G]standin',
Now I'm [G]sleepin' with an [D]open [G]eye.

[G]Life used to be, one [C]big bold ad[G]venture,
[G]I'd swim a [D]river deep and [C]wide.
[G]Run down a mountain, [C]drink from every [G]fountain,
But n[G]ow I kinda [D]let things [G]slide.

There's [D]only so much [G]time for remin[C]isin',
There's [D]only so many [G]old songs I can [C]play.
[G]Headin' down the road, there's [C]sometin' seems [G]missin',
Here I [G]am at the [D]end of the [G]day. [G] [C]

[G]This modern life, [C]such a strange ex[G]istance,
[G]Information [D]cluttered all a[C]bout.
[G]I guess getting by, on the [C]digital sub[G]sistance,
[G]Keeps the better [D]man from gettin' [G]out.

[G]And everybody's talkin' 'bout pol[C]itical re[G]ligion,
[G]Me I find I'm [D]one who dis[C]believes.
[G]That anything resembling, a [C]true higher [G]order,
[G]Could let the whole damn [D]thing run by [G]thieves.

And there's [D]more then enough [G]saints for all [C]us sinners,
And [D]they are sure that [G]we all got it [C]made.
And [G]headin' down the road, it's just [C]losers and [G]winners,
Here I [G]am at the [D]end of the [G]day.

[C] [G] [D] [G] [G]

[G]Looks like we're going belly [C]up the whole world [G]over,
[G]I've never seen [D]crazier [C]times.
The [G]rich folks are sayin' to the [C]po' folks, move on [G]over,
And the [G]heros a[D]mong us toe the [G]line.

[G]A fella said the world is full of, [C]two kinds of [G]people,
[G]Them that ramble, [D]them that just sit [C]still.
[G]Me I'm still figurin', [C]where exactly [G]I fit in,
Be[G]fore I'm six feet [D]under on the [G]hill.

And there's [D]only so much [G]time for this [C]complainin',
There's [D]only one more [G]thing in the [C]way.
[G]And out here on the road [C]it just keeps on [G]winnin',
Here I [G]am at the [D]end of the [G]day. Little [C]darlin',
Here I [G]am at the [D]end of the [G]day.

[C] [G] [D] [G] [C] [G] [D] [G] [C] [G] [D] [G]
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