End Of Life chords

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Artist: Death Spells
[D] [E] [B]

Let me s[D]peak, there's some t[E]hings I thought you should k[B]now
When you br[D]eathe, i feel a h[E]eart attack coming [B]on
And I can't w[D]ait to wa[E]tch the world slip a[B]way
When I l[D]eave attach a p[E]iece of you to my g[B]host
Cause I[Bm] can't str[D]ay too f[E]ar from the one that I l[B]ove
If they g[D]rieve I'll send a s[Em]ign to let them k[B]now
That [Bm]I was o[D]kay to w[Em]atch it all di[B]sappear
I'm not afraid of the f[G]ight, I'm just afraid of the f[B]all
When I look up at the s[G]ky, I see it all crashing dow[B]n. On and [G]onâ¦
[D]And i[E]t br[Em]eaks y[B]ou
[D]And it ac[E]hes to [Em]the b[B]one [A]
[G]Time heals nothing it just b[E]uries the w[Em]ound
[B]Why should I learn to accept [A]when I have nothing to prove?
[G]So if time means nothing why do we [E]still watch our c[Em]locks count down?
[B]My chest is empty, and yet they [A]want me to talk
[G]This face holds nothing, the[Em]re's no emotion to grasp
[B]I've lost my faith, and now [A]I am shattered like glass
[G]I need to feel something else, [Em]I need to feel something else.
[B]I wanna feel something,
[A]I wanna feel something else.
[G]I wanna feel something else.
[Em]I wanna feel some[Em]thing else.
[B]I wanna feel something else.

I wanna feel
W[Bm]hen you le[B]ave, it[E]'s li[B]ke a heart at[E]tack letti[B]ng

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