Encounter Chris Quilala chords

Transpose 0
[F] [Am] [F] [Am] [G] x2

[Am]You’re the mighty rushing wi[F]nd
[C]You’re the calm upon the la[Dm]ke
[Am]We can see Your finger[F]prints
[C]In the mountains and the [Dm]waves

[F]I know You wanna [G]move
So I won’t be afr[Am]aid
I’m calling out Your na[Dm]me

Holy Spirit [C]fall on us
Holy Spirit [F]fall on us
Come rush into this [Am]room

All we want is You
Holy Spirit [F]fall on us

[Am]Be the breath within my [F]lungs
[C]Be the sound of my heart[Dm]beat
[Am]Be the holy raging [F]fire
[C]Deep inside of [Dm]me

We [C]won’t stop

No we won’t stop
’Til we me[F]et You

’Til we see You
We [Am]won’t stop

No we won’t stop
’Til we enco[F]unter You

[C] [F] [Am]
[F] [C]
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