Empty Promises chords

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Artist: Cass Mccombs
Capo 2

[D]Like any force of nature you can be controlled,

The spirit disappears before grab ahold
Say it again i like the sound of [G]that
Whi[D]spers nothings another new toy for the brand

[C]Sweet ho[G#]ney tell me where you [A]stand
[D] Empty promises [G#]to you from p[A]ast

[D]Like any force of nature you can be denied

How much spirit is in the street supplied
Over 500 years since the bitch [G]arrived
[D]We still can’t find a decent place to hide

[C]Play the s[G#]ong on through a broken [A]string
[D] Empty promises[G#] of hope and thin[A]gs

[D]Like any force of nature you are dangerous

What mortal cannot lose it's spirit thus?
Smother our mothers gene[G]ration
[D]Who idleness destroyed our glorious nation

[C]Unk was no[G#]t sever enoug[A]h for
[D] Empty promi[G#]ses force-fed[A] in youth to us

[C7]The Sun is shown
Beaming over[D7] plane
[C7]To take in stride well that[D7]s okay
A[C7]hhh haaa empty promi[D7]ses
[C7]Ahhh haaa empty pro[D7]mises
[C7]Ahhh haaa [D7]
[C7]Ahhh haaa [D]
[C]Ahhh haaa [D]
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