Empathy chords

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Artist: Brett Dennen
[G]I don't know [Em]what it's like[C] to be [G]you,
[G]I don't know [C]what you hav[Am]e to go t[G]hrough,
But[G] I could try to [G]see the world[Em] through your [C]eyes,
[G]Put myself in [G]your shoes,[C] and e[D]mpathize [G]


Noo, no, [Em]nooowoahoo [C]empathize not [G]emphasize, but [C]empathi[Am]ze. [G]


Noo, no, [Em]nooowoahoo [C]empathy not [G]entropy, but [C]empat[D]hy. [G] Ohhhhh

[C] [D]


[C]Every story has [G]more than one side, [D]It's not about what's [C]wrong or [G]right,
[C]Who's to judge what's [G]good or bad, [A]what makes me laugh might [D]make you mad,
[C]Let's try to [G]make a deal, [D]we'll to each other and see [C]how the other [G]feels,
With [C]empathy with can [G]understand, [A]we can solve our problems and [D]make amends



[C]Everybody's a got a [G]different point of view, [D]how would I feel if [C]I were [G]you,
Some [C]people think this, some [G]people think that, [A]I'm telling you empathy is
[D]where it's at.
[C]We can solve our problems by [G]talking and listening, [D]instead of judging we can
[C]look at things [G]differently,
[C]Write to congress and [G]get them to see, [A]instead of fighting we can [D]try to use
empathy not [D]entropy but empathy.[D]


[C] [D] [G]
[C] [D] [G]
[C] [D] [G]
[C] [D] [G]
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