Empathy chords

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Intro: [E] --[B] --[A] --[A]

[E]There are [B]so many pa[A]rts that I have h[E]idden and d[B]enied and [A]lost
There are so many ways that I have cut off my nose to spite my face
There are so many colors that I still try to hide while I paint
And there are so many tunes that I secretly sing as I wait

You come alo[E]ng[B] and in[A]vite these parts out of hid[E]ing[B] [A]
This invitation is the one that I've stopped fighting....

Thank you for se[E]eing[B] me [A]I f[E]eel s[B]o less l[A]onely
Thank you for g[E]etti[B]ng m[A]e I[E]'m he[B]aled by [A]
your empath[E]y,[B] o[A]h this intimac[E]y [B] [A]

[E]There were s[B]o many tim[A]es, I thought I'd[E] die not be[B]ing truly [A]known
There've been so many moments: forever lonely in my vocation

You come alon[E]g [B]and cel[A]ebrate each fe[E]eli[B]ng [A]
And there you are all honor and inquiring.......


There was a d[C#m]ay where the t[B]rust that was [A]being asked of me
[C#m]Required too m[B]uch y[A]ou see to [B]accept y[C#m]our gener[B]osi[A]ty [B]
And to kn[C#m]ow myself[B] en[A]ough[B] to let y[E]ou help me

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