Electric Feet chords

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Intro: [G#m] [B] [F#] [F] [E]

In[G#m]side this sleeping street
Are [B]my electric feet
Beh[F#]ind these polished walls
A p[F]umping heart that c[E]alls
Out[G#m]side this empty room
Is [B]my electric broom
( [F#] [F] [E] , or a capella )
I'll ride it through the night
My ultraviolet flights

[C#m]If the gloves will fit, I'll wear them
[G#m]If the skirt twirls, I'm cool
[B]If you break my words, repair them
[F#]There's no golden rule
[C#m]If the stars will fall, don't mind them
[G#m]They're not gonna spoil my fun
[B]Count me in, just make it happen
[F#]Watch my heart come undone [C#m]
[G#m]Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, y[B]eah
[F#]Watch my heart come undone

(same base as the verse:)
Inside this ticking clock
The new star on the block
Be very much afraid
This isn't a charade

Beneath this silent ground
I've buried golden sound
It's bursting through the soil
You will be finding oil


(verse base or a capella:)
You see me on the street
You hear me local radio
Feeling like electric shock
Too afraid your heart gon' stop
Come up to my backyard
Cause you crave on what I got
Turnin' on my electric feet
Like Hindu eating fresh meat

[G#m]Boom boom boom, yeah oh
[B]Coming through your radio
[F#]Boom boom boom, yeah oh
[E]Blast me on your stereo
[G#m]Boom boom boom, yeah oh
[B]Coming through your radio
[F#]Boom boom boom, yeah oh
[E]Electric feet gon' let them know


( [G#m] [B] [F#] [F] [E] )
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