Deliver Me chords

Transpose 0
Capo 3 - Key Bb
Played in G Shape.

Chords Used (relative to the capo)

[G] - 3x0033
[Em] - 022033
[C9] - x32033
[D/F#] - 2x023(0 or 3 or 2)

Intro: [G] -[Em] -[G] -[Em]

D[G]eliver me from my prideful [Em]mind
It weighs h[C9]eavier [G/B]on me all t[D/F#]he time
What a [G]silent, yet, such a deadly [Em]crime
To t[C9]hink that [G/B]I own my own [D/F#]life

So h[Em]umble me [C9]just like You[G] d[D/F#]id
The [Em]king who l[C9]ost his mind in the wil[D/F#]derness
And [Em]don’t le[C9]t me go back
U[G]ntil I c[D/F#]onfess
[C9] [D/F#] [G] (hold the [G] into the next verse)
You are the only God

Verse 2: (same as above)
Deliver me from my hateful thoughts
I’m committing murder in the presence of God
Break my heart just like David’s was
With a weeping, pregnant widow in my house

How can I despise my brother
When I killed Your only begotten Son?
Help me prefer another and say
You are the only God

[Em]Yo-[C9]ou [G]o-o-[D/F#]oh x2 (hold the D/F# the last time)

Verse 3: (same as other verses :)
This morning my alarm went off
Earlier than I’d ever want
And in this small obedience, Lord
Help my heart stay bowed down

Father, You’ve given Jesus
All those He will raise up
And all eyes, including mine, will see
You are the only God

[C9]You are the [D/F#]onl-y[Em]

[C9]Deliver me
[G]Deliver me
[D/F#]Deliver me
[Em]Deliver me
[C9]Deliver me
[D/F#]Deliver me
[Em]Deliver me
[G]Deliver me OooH
[D/F#]Deliver me deliver me deliver

[G] -[Em] -[G] -[Em] -[G]
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