Come Back To Me chords

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Artist: Uriah Heep
[Dis]Alone again I feel so [Cm]alone again
[Gis]With this emptiness I just [B]can\'t hide
[Dis]Picture me with a [Cm]broken heart
[Gis]See the tears run down [B]my face

[Dis]Everything I had has [Cm]gone
[Gis]Loneliness... still lingering [Dis]on [B]
[Dis]Everything I thought was [Cm]mine...
[Gis]Come back to me can\'t, we try it [Dis]one more [B]time,
[Dis]Come back to me

[F] , [Gm]I know I\'ll [F]find another love in [Dis]time
[F] , [Gm]But you\'ll always be [F]there in the back of my [Dis]mind
[B]The power of love can bring such [Dm]pain
[Gis]I still love you [B]I just love you

[Dis]Alone again I\'m [Cm]so alone again
[Gis]With nothing but you in my [B]mind
[Dis]Can\'t you see what you\'ve [Cm]done to my life
[Gis]What can I do to win you [B]back again

Everything I had has gone
Loneliness... still lingering on
Everything I thought was mine...
Come back to me can\'t we try it one more time
Come back to me, take a piece of my heart
Come back to me
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