Clueless chords

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Artist: Chris Daly

[D]We both keep our d[Dmaj7]istance while we [G]stand so closely
[D]A waterfall of [Dmaj7]poetry [G]escaping our lips
[D]I wonder, do I [Dmaj7]wander through r[G]eminders?
Is it only in [D]vain[Dmaj7] ? [G]


[F#m]I spend a lot of time thinkin' [Em]about you
[F#m]Your words dancin' through my head [Em]
[F#m]I'm sure this feelings real, I have no [Em]doubt too
Bu[F#m]t, these words are never said[A]


Cuz [D]I can see my [Dmaj7]future in your [G]clear blue eyes
And the [D]rhythm of your [Dmaj7]footsteps has me[G] hypnotized
And my [D]dad told me to [Dmaj7]follow my heart and I'll [G]always be fine
But every[D]time I try to [Dmaj7]speak my mind, I'm [G]petrified, so she's without a [D]clue [Dmaj7] [G]
[G]She's without a [D]clue [Dmaj7] [G]
[G]She's without a [D]clue [Dmaj7] [G]

(Repeat D, Dmaj7, G until song ends)
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