Closer To Home chords

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Artist: Coldplay
Intro: [C] [F] [G] [C]

C[C]ould you lend me a h[G]and..

As I on[F]ly got one[G] .

I[C] miss my fingers..

Like y[F]ou miss your son[G] .

A[C]re you thinking about Joff[G]rey

such a spi[F]rited lad[G] .

I[C] was his uncle..

I was[F] also his Dad[G]

A[C]round the worl[F]d..

My he[G]art had to roa[C]m

N[C]ow I am looking for som[F]ething..

A[G] Little Closer to hom[C]e..

C[C]loser to home[F] ..

C[G]loser to home.[C] .

I[C] found my little tr[F]ee..

W[G]ith a branch of our o[C]wn..

C[C]loser to home[F] ..

C[G]loser to home.[C] .

D[C]uring my famil[F]y

S[G]tays on thron[C]e.
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