Closer chords

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Artist: Cauterize
Intro: [Em] | [C] | [G] | [D] (x2)

[Em] What started out[C] as desire
[G]turned into a l[D]over's tryst
[Em] Who knew a moth[C] and a flame
could [G]ever spawn a love[D] like this
[Em] Now you need s[C]omething
To taste s[G]omething just
a [D]little bit more sw[Em]eet
But I am [C]sour and more [G]sour
every [D]time that our lips meet

[C] If you're a [D]butterfly
I'm suicide [Em]by insecticide
[C] If I am [D]kerosene then you're
a spark [Em]just begging to ignite
[C] You'll [D]wish you never[Em] met me
[C] Butterfly[D] butterfly float on by me

[Em] Never[C] meant to cut so[G] deep
[D]Just enough to[Em] bleed
Feel the s[C]ting as
you get [G]closer
[D]Closer and closer to me
[Em] Don’t let [C]me hold
something so [G]delicate
I'll [D]shatter it with a word
[Em] Don't say a[C] thing as we
get [G]closer and closer
[D]Damn this is gonna hurt

[Em] The ghost of path[C]etic past is
[G]haunting me here[D] more and more
[Em] Skeletons are[C] laughing[G] at
me through the [D]closet door
[Em] And now past lovers
[C]share these [G]covers
Sleeping [D]with my en[Em]emies
Thoughts of [C]others
come bet[G]ween us
Trigger [D]fits of jealousy

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

Interlude: [Fm] | [G/B] | [C] | [D]

[Am] You can[G/B] paint me pret[C]ty colours
And [D]dress me how you[Am] like
I'm just an [G/B]ugly moth i[C]n love
In a [D]butterfly di[Am]sguise
I've been thinking about [G/B]leaving
since the day that we met
[C] If I don't get close when
it's [D]all over I'll just forget
[Am] Cause I have seen the end
So [G/B]many times I've
played it in my mind
[C] And I am scared to death
I [D]never wanna see your dark side

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)
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