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[G] [Gmaj7] [Em] Emadd9 x2

[G]Come so [Gmaj7]close
Em Emadd9
that I can feel
[Bm] Your breath on [C]me

[G]Come so [Gmaj7]close
Em Emadd9
that as You bind
[Bm] these wounds of m[C]ine

There is no [G]other place I'd
[Em]rather be than [Bm]here [D]
there is no [G]other one I'd
[Em]rather have than [Bm]You [D]
so if there's [Am]anything I [Am/G]hold on-
[D]to [B/D#]anything that
[Em]takes the [D]place of [C]You
help me let [G/B]go. Help me draw [C]close
closer to [G]You.
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