Closed Casket Heart chords

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Artist: 1476
I am [Dm]nothing to you, but flesh bound in pity and w[F]aste
A disl[Dm]ocated voice from your memory that screams in the [F]night
A body that longs to be f[C]ound
A sunken recess on your gr[F]ounds
Where the w[C]aste from your lush oaken table
absorbs in the w[Bb]eeds
and then f[C]eeds my dejected di[Dm]sease

I am nothing to you, but residual heart-laden sl[F]ime
[Dm]Buried so deep beneath turning calendar pages and [F]time
A disgra[C]ce
My pictures all turned on their f[F]ace
As you r[C]ace
to scrape off the flowers i p[Bb]laced on the lid
with my ha[C]nds to your closed
casket h[Dm]eart

I will strike you at night when your heart is not guarding the d[F]oor
I will c[Dm]reep in your sleep and your tears will languish on the f[F]loor
You'll aw[C]ake confused by this dramatic st[F]ate
And you'll h[C]ate the
silence inside you, and c[Bb]all for me but I've been c[C]rushed
by your closed casket he[Dm]art
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