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Artist: Aaron Lines
Intro - G - [D] - [Em7] - [Cadd9] - D

Ooh, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah.

[G]Across the miles, it's[D] funny to me,
[Em7]How fa[D]r away you are,
But how[Cadd9] near you seem to be,
[G]I could talk all night just to[D] hear you b[B]reath,
[Em7]I spent m[D]y life j[Cadd9]ust living this dream,
You're[Am7] all I'll ever[D] need,

[G]You give me [D]strength, you give [Em7]me hope,
You give me som[Cadd9]eone to love, s[D]omeone to hold,
[G]When I'm in your[D] arms I ne[Am]ed yo[C]u to know,
I've never been[G] , I've nev[C]er b[D]een t[G]his close,

With all the loves I used to know,
I kept my distance, yeah, I never let go,
But in your arms I know I'm safe,
'Cause I've never been held,
An' I've never neen kissed in this way,
Yeah, you're all I'll ever need,
You're all I'll ever need,

'Cause you give me strength, you give me hope,
You give me someone to love, someone to hold,
When I'm in your arms I need you to know,
I've never been, I've never been this,


[F]Close enough to see it's true,
[G]Close enough to trust in you,
[C]Closer, now, than any words c[Dsus]an say,

(lead - G - [D] - [Em7] - [Cadd9] - D

And[A] when I'm in you[E]r arms I [Bm]need y[D]ou to know,
I've never been,[A] I've never[D] bee[E]n t[A]his close,
[A]You give me [E]strength, you giv[F#m]e me hope,
You give me s[D]omeone to love[E] , someone to [A]hold,
When I'm in your [E]arms I nee[D]d you [Bm]to know,
I've never been[A] , I've neve[D]r been,
Oh darlin', I sw[Bm]ear,
[A] [D] [E] [A] - [E] - [Bm] -[D] - [A]
I've never been, I've never been this close,
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