Clocks (plné) chords

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Artist: Coldplay
[Es] , [Bb] , [Bb] , [Ab]
[Es]Lights go out and I [Bm]can't be saved, t[Bm]ides that I tried to sw[As]im against
[Es]Brought me down up[Bm]on my knees, o[Bm]h I beg I beg[As] and please -singing
[Es]Come out with th[Bm]ings I've said, sh[Bm]ouldn't I fall of[As]f my head - and a
[Es]trouble that c[Bm]an't be named, ti[Bm]gers waiting to[As] be tamed - singing

[Es] ye ho[Bm]ooooo[Bm]ooh aah[As]h x2

[Es] , [Bbmi] , [Bbmi] , [Ab] , [x2]

[Es]Confusion ne[Bm]ver stops, cl[Bm]osing walls and tic[As]king clocks - gonna
[Es]come back and tak[Bm]e you home, I coul[Bm]d not stop the tune[As] now known - singing
[Es]Come out upo[Bm]n my seas, Cur[Bm]se missed opportun[As]ities - am I
[Es]a part o[Bm]f a cure, or am[Bm] I a part of a d[As]isease? - singing

[Es] ye ho[Bm]ooooo[Bm]ooh aah[As]h x4

[Es] , [Bbmi] , [Bbmi] , [Ab] , [x2]
[Es] ye ho[Bm]ooooo[Bm]ooh aah[As]h x2

[F#] and nothing else com[C#]pares
[F#] oh no, nothing else com[C#]pares
[F#] and nothing else compar[C#] , [F#] , [C#] , [F#] , [C#]es

[Es] , [Bbmi] , [Bbmi] , [Ab] , [x4]
[Es] ye ho[Bm]ooooo[Bm]ooh aah[As]h x2

[Es]Home, h[Bm]ome, where I wa[Bm]nted to go[As] x4
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