Cliffs Of Dooneen chords

Transpose 0
E [G]3 [C]x [F]x [Am]x
A x 3 x 0
D 0 2 3 2
G 0 0 2 2
B 3 1 1 1
e 3 3 3 0

christy uses some variations on the high e-string and on the rute notes to make
the song softer. i didnt figure them out, but i'm sure you can by just trying. ah
and the song's in 3/4!

[G]You may travel far [C]far from your [F]own native [G]home
Far a[C]way o'er the mountains far a[G]way o'er the [Am]foam
But of [C]all the fine places that [G]I've ever [Am]seen,
There's [C]none to compare with The [F]Cliffs of Doo[G]neen

[G]Take a view o'er the[C] water fine [F]sights you'll see [G]there
You'll see the [C]high rocky slopes on the [G]West coast of [Am]Clare
The [C]towns of Kilkee and [G]Kilrush can be [Am]seen
From the [C]high rocky slopes at The [F]Cliffs of Doo[G]neen

[G]It's a nice place to [C]be on a [F]fine Summer's [G]day
Watching [C]all the wild flowers that [G]ne'er do [Am]decay
The [C]hare and lofty pheasant are [G]plain to be [Am]seen
Making [C]homes for their young round The [F]Cliffs of Doo[G]neen

[G]Fare thee well to Doo[C]neen fare thee [F]well for a [G]while
And to [C]all the fine people I'm [G]leaving be[Am]hind
To the [C]streams and the meadows where [G]late I have [Am]been
And the [C]high rocky slopes of The [F]Cliffs of Doo[G]neen

have fun with that great song :)
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