Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose chords

Transpose 0
[E]You get lots of pleasure from watching me hurt, lying on the ground while you're kicking dirt
[A]Right in my face and into my eyes, look up into a smile and I'm not surprised
[E]That you are the one that knocked me down, I'm getting on a bus and leaving town
[C#] min [B] [A]
But you will get into your car and chase it down 'til its laying on top of me

[E]But that was the past, fuck[A]in[A]g re[E]lax
[C#]You can do anything you wan[A]t, this is now.
[C#] min [A]
Forget I exist, and just know that you are never missed.

X2 (second verse and chorus)

Solo one verse, one chorus

Outro Chorus end on an E.
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