Cleansed chords

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[Eb] [Ab] [Eb]

H[Eb]ere at the altar where I run to rest
W[Eb]here I wait ressurection and the touch of your breath
I[Ab] die now daily so that [Eb]I m[F]ay[Eb] li[Ab]ve
In the [Fm]grace that [G]belongs to all who are [G]born [Ab]again

[Bb]I am [Eb]cleansed, I am [G]washed, I am [Ab]sancti-[Eb]fied [Bb]
I am [C]Holy Ghost filled, and[F] water ba[Bb]p-tized
I am [Bb]right with my [Eb]God for [Ab]all [G]time
Cause [F]Je-[G]sus [Ab]my s[Bb]avior's a-[Eb]live.

[Eb]Here at the table the children are fed
W[Eb]e are filled with the mercy of the lamb and the bread
[Ab]I feast now daily because [Eb]I've [F]learned [G]to l[Ab]ive
In the [F]grace that be-[G]longs to all who are [F]bo--rn a-[Ab]gain


[F] [G] [A] [D] [E] [F] [G]
Glo-ry, Glo--ry, this is what is called Glo---ry

I am [C]cleansed, I am [E]washed, I am s[F]ancti-[C]fied [G]
I am [A]Holy Ghost filled, and [D]water bap-[G]tized
I am [G]right with my [C]God for [F]all [E]time
Cause [D]Je---[E]sus [F]my [G]savior [A]
[D]Je---[E]sus [F]my [G]savior
[D] [E] [F] [G] [F] [C]
Je---sus my sav-ior's ali-------ve.
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