Clean Up Woman chords

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Artist: Betty Wright
A [F]clean[Dm] up [F]wom[Gm]an [F]is a [F]woman[Dm] who[F] [Gm] [F]
Gets [F]all t[Dm]he l[F]ove[Gm] we[F] girls leave [F]behin[Dm]d [F] [Gm] [F]
T[F]he re[Dm]ason[F] I [Gm]kno[F]w so [F]much [Dm]abou[F]t h[Gm]er [F]
Is b[F]ecaus[Dm]e sh[F]e p[Gm]ick[F]ed up a[F] man [Dm]of m[F]ine[Gm] [F]

[Am]Chum-pin' slick[Dm] was my ruin
'[Gm]Cause, I found out a[Bb]ll I was [C#]doin[C]g'...
Was [F]makin[Dm]g it[F] ea[Gm]sy [F]for the [F]clean[Dm] up [F]wom[Gm]an [F]
To g[F]et my[Dm] man[F]'s [Gm]lov[F]e/ oh [F]yeah [Dm] [F] [Gm] [F]
Just ma[F]king [Dm]it e[F]asy[Gm] fo[F]r the c[F]lean [Dm]up w[F]oma[Gm]n [F]
To [F]get m[Dm]y ba[F]by'[Gm]s l[F]ove, uh-huh, [F]um-hu[Dm]m [F] [Gm] [F]
I too[F]k thi[Dm]s [F] ma[Gm]n's[F] love and put it a [F]shelf[Dm] [F] [Gm] [F]
And like a [F]fool [Dm]I th[F]oug[Gm]ht [F]I had him all to [F]mysel[Dm]f [F] [Gm] [F]

[Am]When you needed love I was [Dm]out having
[Gm]But I found out that a[Bb]ll I had d[C#]one[C] ...
Was [F]made [Dm]it e[F]asy[Gm] fo[F]r the c[F]lean [Dm]up w[F]oma[Gm]n [F]
To[F] get [Dm]my m[F]an'[Gm]s l[F]ove, uh-h[F]uh [Dm] [F] [Gm] [F]
that's what I did, I ma[F]de i[Dm]t ea[F]sy [Gm]for the cl[F]ean u[Dm]p wo[F]man[Gm] [F]

To [F]steal[Dm] my [F]bab[Gm]y's[F] love, o[F]h yea[Dm]h [F] [Gm] [F]
The c[F]lean [Dm]up w[F]oma[Gm]n w[F]ill w[F]ipe h[Dm]is b[F]lue[Gm]s a[F]way
She'll[F] give[Dm]… [F] [Gm] [F]
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