Christmas Memories chords

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Artist: Alabama
Intro [C] [Dm] [G] [C]

There's a b[C]lanket of snow coverin'[Dm] up the old road
To the ho[G]use where I was ra[C]ised through the window I see
The li[Dm]ghts on the tree and a g[G]low from the old fire[C]place
Though i[Am]t all looks the same[Em] So much has changed from the wa[F]y it used to b[G]e


Christmas m[Em]emories of h[F]appy y[G]ears gone [C]by
They come b[Em]ack to me and k[F]eep me w[E]arm i[Am]nside
Still those C[F]hristmas [Am7]memor[Dm]ies [G]make me cr[C]y [Dm] [G] [C]

Now the[C] stockings are filled; the [Dm]old house is still And the k[G]ids are all dreamin' a[C]way
There's that o[C]ld easy chair Me and d[Dm]addy sat there w[G]aitin' for Santa's slei[C]gh
Now dadd[Am]y's has gone but w[Em]e'll carry on 'Cause the [F]little ones will nee[G]d...

Christmas [Em]memories of ha[F]ppy years gone b[C]y
They co[Em]me back to me and k[F]eep me wa[E]rm in[Am]side
Still those Ch[F]ristmas m[Am7]emories[Dm] Oh they [F]mean so m[Am7]uch to [Dm]me
Those Ch[C]ristmas [Am7]memori[Dm]es .m[G]ake me cr[C]y. [C] [Dm] [G] [C]
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