Carolina In The Pines chords

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S[G]he came to me s[D7]aid she knew me
Said she'd [C]known me a long t[G]ime
And she tal[Am]ked of being in l[Bm]ove
With e[C]very mountain she had[G] climbed.
[G]And she talked of trails she'd [D7]walked up
Far[C] above the timber[G]line
From that [Am]night on I knew I'd [Bm]write songs
For [C]Carolina in the p[G]ines. [C] [G]

[G]There's a full [D7]moon on the fourteenth
Fi[C]rst quarter twent[G]y-first
And a ful[Am]l moon in the last w[Bm]eek
Bring[C]s a fullness to the e[G]arth.
[G]There's no guess work in the cl[D7]ockwork
Of[C] the world's hear[G]t or mine
There are[Am] nights I only feel [Bm]right
Wit[C]h Carolina in the[G] pines. [C] [G]

[G]As the frost grows on th[D7]e windows
T[C]he wood stove smo[G]kes and glows
As the f[Am]ire glows we can war[Bm]m our souls
Maki[C]n' rainbows in the co[G]als.
[G]And we talk of trails we[D7] walk up
[C]Far above the tim[G]berline
There a[Am]re nights I only fee[Bm]l right
Wi[C]th Carolina in th[G]e pines. [C] [G]
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