Better Than This chords

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Artist: Julia Nunes
[D]I've been harsh
I've been [E]honest
[D]Watch you work at the o[E]ffice
[D]You keep drowning your s[E]orrows
[D]Put it off 'til tom[E]orrow

But you a[A]re be[E]tter than t[D]his
You a[A]re be[E]tter than t[D]his

[D]I've been tired
I've been [E]boring
[D]Another sign you're ig[E]noring
[D]And it's been so [E]long
[D]Since I wrote a[E] song

'Cause you a[A]re b[E]etter than [D]this
You a[A]re b[E]etter than [D]this

[D]I was cold
I was a[E]ngry
[D]Now I'm gone you should [E]thank me
[D]But I hear it in your [E]voice
[D]It's like you don't have a c[E]hoice

But you a[A]re [E]better than [D]this
You a[A]re [E]better than [D]this
You a[A]re [E]better than [D]this
You a[A]re [E]better than [D]this
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