Be All Be Easy chords

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Artist: Woods
Intro: [F] [C] [G] [C] [C] [C] [C]

[Dm]We are honest and [C]we are [G]free
[Dm]Nothing matters, don't [C]take it from [G]me
[Dm]What holds a hand, and what [C]takes from the [G]tree
[Dm]Be all be easy just [C]take what you [G]need


Oh [F]what falls [C]apart and [G]what won't come [C]back
[F]Lay it [C]loose lay it [G]love like [C]that
It's [F]close to [C]you and it's [G]close to [C]me
Oh [F]them flower [C]eyes we'll [G]let them [C]see

Be all be easy, be what you need
Lay back on sunsets from sky, flower breeze
What holds a hand, and what takes from the tree
Be all be easy just take what you need

Oh what falls apart and what won't come back
Lay it loose lay it love like that
It's close to you and it's close to me
Oh them flower eyes we'll let them see

You the clamp the eyes just to set them free
Flower eyes we'll let them see
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