Army chords

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Well I tho[D]ught about the army, Dad said, &[Am]quot;Son you're fucking high"
And I th[G]ought, yeah there's a first for everyth[D]ing, so I took my old man's
Adv[D]ice, three sad semesters, it was [Am]only fifteen grand
Spent in b[G]ed, I thought about the army, [D]I dropped out and j[Bm]oined a band instead

Solo: [Am] [Em] [DM7] [Am] [Em] [DM7]

Grew a mo[D]ustache and a mullet, got a j[Am]ob at Chick-fillet
Citing a[G]rtistic differences the b[D]and broke up in May
And in J[Bm]une reformed without me, and they [Am]got a different name
I nuked an[G]other grandma's apple pie, and h[D]ung my head in s[Bm]hame, no

[Am] [Em] [DM7] Been thinking a [Am]lot today [Em] [DM7] been thinking a [Am]lot today [Em] [DM7]

[C] [G] [D] NC [C] [G] [D] NC
Oh, oh think I'll write a screenplay, oh, oh think I'll take you to LA
[C]Oh, [G]oh think I'll get it done y[D]esterday[F#m] , ah shit

Solo: [Bm] [F#m] [Bm] [F#m] [E7] [A7] [D] [G] [Bm] ( [D] [Am] [G] [D] ) x3

In this t[D]ime of introspection, on the [Am]eve of my election
I s[G]ay to my reflection, God please sp[D]are me more rejection
'Cause my p[Bm]eers, they criticize me, and my [Am]ex-wives all despise me
Try to p[G]ut it all behind me, but my r[D]edneck past is n[Bm]ipping at my heels

[Am] [Em] [DM7] Been thinking a [Am]lot today [Em] [DM7] been thinking a [Am]lot today [Em] [DM7]
Been thinking a [Am]lot today [Em] [DM7] I thought ab[Am]out,[Em] the a[DM7]rmy
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